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16000 Ted woodworking plans / woodprix … or scam?

NO, DO NOT buy those plans! They are spammers, and I’m sick of deleting their comments from my YouTube channels.

Who is this Ted? Not the horny bear, the one with the woodworking plans, the one with the 16000 woodworking plans or the Teds pack of 16000 plans. Now also woodprix. It seems that nobody really knows him (well, now they have given him a last name, now he is Ted McGrath and it seems that he not only sells woodworking plans, but also appears on other websites looking like a smoke salesman, and totally rejuvenated! I wonder if it is the same Ted), but if you have been looking for carpentry information on the internet for a while, I’m sure you have already stumbled upon him. And I mean stumbled and I hope it didn’t result in falling for fraud or scam. Never look for those plans on the internet, or search for woodprix. If you do you’ll probably be telling Google that you think it’s important, when it’s just junk spam. And never enter their pages.

The best Ted you can find on the internet is“Ted, ideas worth spreading“. There are a lot of videos worth watching where scientists and engineers explain the projects and research in which they participate, or sometimes people without a career or without so many studies that one day felt inspired, took an idea forward (or at least tried) and tells us about it. Many of the videos have Spanish subtitles. Not everything is going to be carpentry.

Anyway, here is Matthias Wandel’s opinion on Ted’s 16,000 plans. Basically, you can find the same plans on the internet for free and they sell them without the permission of the people who made them.

The link to the article in Spanish can be found in the tab“woodworking projects” and there you go to “woodgears translations” (nº 14).

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