How to carve and make Halloween jack-o-lantern pumpkins

4 Jack O’Lantern pumpkins I carved for Halloween

In principle there are 4 Halloween Jack O’Lantern pumpkins, but after I count all the pumpkins I carved, including those of accompaniment, decoration or even one due to a recording error, I realized I carved 9 Halloween Jack O’Lantern pumpkins (and a mini pumpkin lantern). They are not those spectacular pumpkin lanterns that look like sculptures that you can find on the Internet, but I am still happy with the results I get. We must be careful when carving some pumpkins that have very hard skin, because we can cut ourselves if we are not careful. But once we begin carving, whether we give the pumpkin lantern the desired look or not, as soon as we put the candle inside, light it and go to turn off the lights, the Jack O’Lantern will always be impressive.

Pumpkins of Samain, Halloween

Samain 2011. Halloween Pumpkins

Bueno, por fin. Llevaba mes y medio esperando a que fuese el Samaín para poder tallar las calabazas de Halloween que cultivé este ...
Giant Halloween pumpkin.

Halloween 2012. Halloween 2012

In between making the table saw and the method for cutting dowels I snuck in this video where I carve ...
Giant Halloween pumpkin.

Halloween pumpkin carving 2013. Jack O’Lantern Alien

Halloween is coming, Samain, the day of the lanterns made with carved pumpkins, and for the third year I am ...
Jack O'Lantern Pumpkin for Halloween decoration

Carving Halloween Jack O’Lantern Pumpkin 2014

As every year I give myself the license to carve a Halloween Jack O'Lantern pumpkin and sneak it in among ...
Bird cage for Halloween decoration.

DIY ugly bird cage for Halloween decoration

As every year Halloween is approaching, and if we don't prepare it time will pass in a heartbeat and we ...
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