How to make a Christmas tree led lamp.

Christmas tree led lamp part 1: cut the shape of the lamp

I had spent almost the whole year with this project of the Christmas tree lamp in mind, and if I neglect I run out of time to have it manufactured before Christmas Eve. Although the truth is that in my workshop it would have been difficult to think about how to make this lamp before preparing the table jigsaw, which is the machine that I use in this first part to cut the shape of the Christmas tree and the wooden circles for the base.

As we will see in the second part of the manufacture of this LED lamp (<-There you can find all the parts on how to make this lamp), I used a silicone mold in the shape of a Christmas tree to make the screens of the lamp. This mold comes with a rigid plastic fence that I used to draw the shape of the tree on my wooden board.

Draw a Christmas tree.

With a pencil I drew the entire inner contour of the tree, and putting the tip of the pencil in a washer and going through the entire outer contour I drew a line parallel to the first one, slightly more than 1cm apart. The only care that must be taken is not to deform or move the plastic fence while drawing the shape of the tree.

Drill and cut the curves inside the tree.

Since my tabletop jigsaw does not allow very tight curved cuts, even with a narrow saw blade, I drilled holes in the tighter curves inside the tree, trying to fit the line. I used a wood bit that has a point at the end, with the problem that this did not allow me to adjust the edges of the bit well to the contour of the line. I think with a cup bit it would have been easier to adjust to the line and would save me a lot of the sanding work I had once I emptied the inside of the Christmas tree.

Cut the shape of a Christmas tree.

Now it is a matter of making all the necessary cuts with the tabletop jig until the entire interior of the wooden tree is emptied, taking advantage of having all those holes drilled and how easy it is to put and remove the cutting blade to place it inside of drilled holes as needed. Then I cut the outer shape, which is much easier.

Cut wooden circles for the base of the lamp.

And I also cut a couple of wooden circles that will serve as the base. I cut the circles freehand, but I think a circle cutting guide would work well on this saw, so I'll try to make one later. And now, before continuing, you have to move on to the least desired job, sanding, which because, as I said, I did not adjust the drills to the line well, it meant a lot of time that I could have saved a lot.

You can find here all the parts about How to make the led lamp shaped like a Christmas tree.

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