Adirondack chair, plans and carpentry templates

Make Adirondack chair templates out of plans

A few days ago I bought some blueprints of an Adirondack chair, which is a very nice and really comfortable garden chair. These wooden chairs are of Canadian origin, and are also known as Muskoka chairs. A few tables ago I made myself my own version of these garden chairs with pallet wood. And a few years ago, before I had the carpentry and DIY channel on YouTube, I had made some from plans that I had found on the internet. Now finally I found those plans again, and to be able to use them as many times as I want, and to make these Adirondack chairs easier, in this post I am going to do some woodworking templates (<- see how to use them) from the plans of this chair.

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Adirondack chair plans you can find many, but for me this is the most beautiful. You have the link to the plans of this garden chair at the end of this post.

Instructions for mounting the Adirondack chair

The plans I bought show me how to assemble the Adirondack chair, but they are in English. Just like the rest of the planes. So in a next project we will see how to cut the pieces from the templates and how to assemble this garden chair.

Good quality phenolic plywood

At the moment, to make the carpentry templates, I bought a good quality phenolic plywood board. 1cm thick.

Now I cut the pieces of paper from the planes half an inch from the line. And with stencil glue I glue the pieces to the phenolic plywood board. Although in a couple of bigger pieces I preferred to cut glued to one of the straightest lines. And I adjusted those straight lines to the edge of the plywood board. This saves me cutting and adjusting those sides.

And with the jigsaw I can already cut all the pieces. But since it would be difficult to make clean and precise cuts, it is better to cut about 3 millimeters from the lines. And later I will adjust the pieces with my homemade sanders.

How to cut the planes in the plywood

As I said, when cutting the planes of this Adirondack chair I try to stay a few millimeters from the cut line. But to make sure I don't cut the line at any time, in some places I separate up to half an inch. Although the biggest problem is that the edge of the paper, since it is not glued tightly, sometimes rises and the saw breaks it instead of cutting it. So I have to be very careful not to cut the line.

Adirondack chair flat templates before sanding the edges

So, after cutting all the pieces of the plans, I still have a lot of work to do. And now there is the part of adjusting the templates as best as possible, sanding the edges just until they reach the lines.

In drum sander sand concave bends up to line

So now I start using my homemade drum sander. And the first thing is going to be to sand the inner lines, or concave, just up to the line. So I have to be patient and go little by little. And if the paper rises I have to go down with my fingers to see how I am doing.

Also, I have to sand against the drum while I move the piece to one side. To try to have a smooth and continuous sanding and avoid getting a sanding like notches.

But with this drum sander I cut the straight edges only until I am a couple of millimeters from the line. They will be easier to sand on the disc sander. And with the outer curves, or convex, the same. They are easier to sand and adjust with the disc sander. So in these two cases I only use the drum sander to approximate.

Adjust convex curves on homemade disc sander

And now with homemade disc sander I'm going to finish adjusting these carpentry templates. I just need to adjust the straight edges and the outer curves. As for the outer bends, they are quite easy to sand and adjust on the homemade disc sander.

Fit Woodworking Jigs On Disc Sander

But the straight edges of the templates are harder to sand well. And if we have good garden chair plans, but the carpentry templates we make with them do not fit us well, we will encounter problems during manufacturing.

My trick is to sand only on the edge of the sanding disc. Without pressing towards the center of the disc, but left a very small angle between the piece to be sanded and the surface of the disc.

And finally I run the entire edge of the part against the sanding disc, from left to right. Thus I eliminate small irregularities. If everything is fine, I should have a straight and smooth edge.

Garden Adirondack Chair Templates

And now I just need to sand the burrs with a block of medium-grain foam sandpaper. And so I already have these carpentry templates ready to make the Adirondack chair. Or as many as you want.

? Look here! where to buy these Adirondack chair plans.

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  1. For other work with templates I have seen MDF boards instead of plywood. What do you think? Do you work better, worse, is it the same?

    1. Enredando No Garaxe

      Here the mdf does not get along well with humidity. Maybe waterproof mdf would be better, but I don't like working with mdf. After testing the templates I am very happy to have used phenolic plywood

  2. Javier Marcano. Margarita Island - Venezuela

    Good evening, I am writing from Venezuela and I am a follower of your YouTube channel. I am interested in the templates for the chair, can you tell me where I can download it? I appreciate your support. I'm starting with my love of woodworking. It really is passion. Regards.

    1. Enredando No Garaxe

      Hi Javier. Thanks for following my channel 🙂 At the end of this post, near the last photo, you have a link that will take you to where I got the plans. a greeting

  3. Hello, very nice work but the plans do not come out to do it. In an ad you get what you have to buy so that they give you the plans and in the other one that is at the end, there are no ads.

    1. Enredando No Garaxe

      Hello, Marcelo. Next to the last photo of this entry, where it says "Look here where to buy these Adirondack chair plans", if you click on the word here, it takes you to a page where you can buy the plans for around € 4. The plans are not mine, so I cannot offer them free 🙁. a greeting

  4. Hello, I am not able to find the plans of the chair, the link does not show them ... You can leave the link to the plans, Thanks ... genius

    1. Enredando No Garaxe

      Hi. In the last photo of this post, where you can see the templates on my desk, next to it you can see the word "here" in a blue box. If you click on that word it takes you to the plans. Greetings 😀

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