Make structure with wood screws

I use screw joints to make a wooden structure frame

Sometimes we need to make a wooden structure quickly and without complicating our lives much, and in those cases the wood joints box and spike are discarded. So this time we are going to see how to make a wooden structure, or a wooden frame, by assembling slats with wood screws.

Wooden frame or frame

So in this post we are going to see:

Making Wood Screw Joints

To make this structure or wooden frame I already have cut all the strips that I need: Four equal vertical strips, four equal long stringers and four equal short stringers. And because the slats are rectangular, not square, I'm going to use wood screws of two different lengths. We can see those wood screws in the photos, along with the wood bit I am going to use to drill the pilot holes.

As for the wood screws that I am going to use to assemble the slats, these are flat head but with the V base. The problem is that this V base can act as a wedge and open the wood if I insert it with a lot of strength in the wood. It was better to drill a small hole instead of the countersink that we will see later, and insert a screw that has a flat base. That way there would be no danger of it acting like a wedge. But hey, it's the wood screws I have and they're the ones I'm going to use.

So, the procedure that I am going to follow to make the joints with the screws is as follows:

Drilling a pilot hole in the pieces of the wooden frame

I put a board on top of me work table and I put one of the stringers on the board. I screw several pieces of plywood around the crossbar so that it does not move, and I put the bar that will go vertically also supported on the board and in its corresponding position with the crossbar.

And I can already drill a guide hole.

Yes, it looks like a scroll like that, but in the video I think you can see perfectly how to make these joints with wood screws 😀

Continue the guide hole at the mark

Now I push the vertical piece aside and continue the guide hole at the mark left by the bit on the head of the crossbar. And it is that these thin wood bits are not very long and they do not make a drill long enough for the 9cm long wood screws.

To finish assembling these joints with wood screws, I only have to countersink the hole so that the head of the screw is below the surface of the batten, I apply glue and insert the screw while pressing both pieces of wood.

Make the wooden structure

Now, following the technique we have just seen to make joints with wood screws, I am going to finish making the wood structure. First I finish making the sides with the vertical pieces and the short stringers. And then I finish assembling a wooden structure joining the long sides in the same way. We can see in the video how I have to modify the position of the stops as necessary.

How to Center Wood Screws on Slat

Also keep in mind that the slats I use are not square, but rectangular. That is why I have to pay attention when drilling the guide holes, so that they are centered in the back slat although in the front slats sometimes they are a little to one side.

How to hide wood screws

How to hide the head of wood screws

Now, if we want to have a more curious wooden frame or structure, after assembling the slats we can hide the screws with wooden nuts. That if, to hide the screws, we must drill in each guide hole a hole of more or less 1cm deep and with the diameter of a tube slightly larger than the diameter of the head of the screws.

So, in a drill bit of the same diameter as the dowels that I am going to use, I mark the depth to which I want to drill. In this case I use electrical tape as depth stop. I remove the screw and drill the hole. I put the screw back in, which this time will go deeper with the head tucked into the hole I just drilled, and glue the socket into the hole. Now I just have to wait for the carpenter's glue to dry, cut the protruding part of the pipe, and sand to leave the surface smooth and beautiful.

Finish assembling all the pieces of the wooden frame

I in this case did not hide the screw heads, since this structure is not for a piece of furniture, but for a garden project. But hey, the important thing in this post is that in the end I managed to assemble a fairly strong wooden frame or structure. And also, when making the joints with wood screws, I did it very easily and quite quickly.

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