Homemade clamps and woodworking vises

In these posts we are going to look at woodworking clamps, homemade vises and carpenter’s bench vises, made of wood or metal. Also purchased woodworking clamps to which some fix and repairs were made. Buying good quality woodworking clamps is sometimes out of reach, but making our own woodworking clamps, or making modifications to the cheap ones we buy is always fun and rewarding..

How to make a front leg vise with a carpenter's clamp

How to make a front leg vise with a metallic clamp

A front leg vise is a clamping vise with a long vertical jaw parallel to one of the legs of ...
How to make long bar clamps for woodworking

How to make very simple wood bar clamps

Another post related to woodworking clamps, and it surely won't be the last. This time I am going to make ...
Problems and how to use the long homemade wooden clamps

Problems and solution using wooden bar clamps

It's been a while since I made the long wooden clamps and I've used them in a few projects, but ...
How to make a woodworking vise

Cheap and easy to make DIY wood vise for workbench

Let's see how to make a wooden vise for the workbench that will be very cheap. This DIY vise is ...
How to make a one handed quick clamp enredandonogaraxe.club

DIY one handed quick clamp for woodworking

If you have been curious and one day you decided to disassemble a one handed clamp, one of those quick ...
Fix cheap woodworking clamps. enredandonogaraxe.club

Fix and improve cheap f clamps to avoid marks in wood

From time to time I buy a few of those very cheap woodworking F clamps, those woodworking clamps sold at ...
How to adapt and mount a reused woodworking vise on the worktable

I adapt and mount a reused woodworking vise on the worktable

A few years ago I bought a simple workbench with two woodworking vises. I had never owned or used a ...
Clamps and support. enredandonogaraxe.club

Simple clamp rack for small F clamps

As I said at the end of the post on wooden clamps, I had to make a clamp rack to ...
Bar type sergeants

How to make wooden bar clamps

I'm sure you've read in one blog or another that "you can never have enough sergeants". And the truth is ...
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