Furniture and other ideas and projects with pallets

Woodworking and DIY projects with pallets ✅. Ideas with pallets and furniture made with pallet wood. And projects made with pallets for the orchard and for the garden. Also projects in which I show how to disassemble wooden pallets to use the boards. Like this I can reuse this “second hand” wood to make furniture with wooden pallets and also other ideas made using pallets wood and useful objects or to decorate.

Putting wheels on a lawn chair made of wood.

I put the wheels to the chair made of pallet wood.

After making some solid wood wheels, I thought it would be interesting to put these wooden wheels on the chair ...
Plans of a pallet garden chair.

Woodworking plans to make the one Pallet Adirondack Lawn Chair

Here you can see the plans for this Adirondack style garden chair, including the cutting diagram of the pallet wood ...
DIY pallet wood lawn chair

Adirondack garden chair made of pallet wood

I guess you want to disassemble one pallet because you already have some ideas with pallet wood in mind, but ...
Cut pallet nails.

I cut the nails to take one pallet apart

I had a couple of European pallets in the workshop, and looking at the reciprocating saw I couldn't resist to ...
Plastic pot and planter.

DIY wooden planter box made with pallets

Actually to make this pallet wood planter for the garden I not only use pallet wood, but I also use ...
DIY compost bin made with pallets

DIY compost bin made with pallets

If you have a lawn or grassy garden you already know that the problem, apart from cutting the grass, is ...
How to disassemble a wooden pallet

How to take pallets apart

Pallet wood is usually of fairly good quality and is free if we have someone to give it to us ...
Turntable made of pallet wood.

Turntable with wheels for painting. Easy to make.

I have recently been practicing with the spray gun and I am amazed at the good results that can be ...
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