Followers projects

Soon I will prepare this blog so that you can upload photos of your own home projects to this woodworking and DIY blog. So here you will find the projects of the followers of the Enredando No Garaxe blog 🙂

Wood and copper ring

How to make a wood and copper ring

Hello everyone! Today I am going to show you how I made this copper and wood ring with my lathe ...
How to make a wooden spinning top

How to make a wooden spinning top

Lluis shows us how to make this elegant wooden spinning top: Greetings to all! This week I want to share ...
DIY wooden tray for wedding cake

DIY wooden tray for a wedding cake

In this post Lluis shows us how he made a nice wooden tray for his wedding cake. For our wedding ...
How to make a ring out of wood shavings

How to make a ring out of wood shavings

In this article Lluis shows us how to make a wooden ring. To make a wood ring from shavings the ...
Multifunction table saw for carpentry.

DIY combination machine removable in sections

We continue with the homemade multifunction table that Félix Gómez Martín made for himself. We have already seen how he ...
Aluminum guide rails.

Aluminum miter slots for DIY combination machine

Felix Gomez Martin sent me, from Seville, the photos of his multifunction cutting table where he installs, depending on the ...
Milling table.

DIY router table with jack as router lift system

Toine, from the Netherlands, sends me some pictures of his milling table. He used the now typical system of clamping ...
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