Hand tools

Here you will find the entries in which I talk about hand tools that are used without having to be plugged into the mains. Sharpening, adjustments and/or repairs of my woodworking tools. Woodworking projects where I mainly use the hand tools that I have in my woodworking shop, or where hand tools are the subject of the project.

In addition I also show how I make some woodworking hand tools such as clamps or bench vises.

How to make a front leg vise with a carpenter's clamp

How to make a front leg vise with a metallic clamp

A front leg vise is a clamping vise with a long vertical jaw parallel to one of the legs of ...
Antique carpenter's plane for making moldings

I sharpen and try out an antique molding plane

Some time ago I bought a molding plane in an antique shop. It is one of those woodworking planes with ...
How to cut box joints

How to cut a box joint with hand tools, part 2

Vimos en una entrada anterior cómo cortar los dientes y los huecos de la unión de lazos rectos en la ...
How to cut box joints by hand

How to make a box joint using hand tools, part 1

Sometimes we call them finger joints, but I guess those are other type of wood joints and that the actual ...
How to make long bar clamps for woodworking

How to make very simple wood bar clamps

Another post related to woodworking clamps, and it surely won't be the last. This time I am going to make ...
Problems and how to use the long homemade wooden clamps

Problems and solution using wooden bar clamps

It's been a while since I made the long wooden clamps and I've used them in a few projects, but ...
How to make a woodworking vise

Cheap and easy to make DIY wood vise for workbench

Let's see how to make a wooden vise for the workbench that will be very cheap. This DIY vise is ...
How to grind the metal base of the rebate plane

How to grind and flatten the sole of a Stanley rebate plane

Cuando me regalaron este cepillo de carpintero y me fijé en la base, lo primero en lo que pensé es ...
Stanley 78 Rebate Plane

Unboxing Stanley 78 duplex rebate plane and parts

Some time ago I had noticed this Stanley No. 78 rebate plane displayed in the store window of my favorite ...
Galician hurdy-gurdies. enredandonogaraxe.club

Heart of Craftsmanship. Artisans Fair

This past weekend we had an artisans fair in Os Pendellos de A Golada (Galicia), an unbeatable place to hold ...
How to sharpen chisels by hand

Sharpening chisels with a sharpening jig

In the best case, we will not have used the chisels for any purpose other than what they are designed ...
Bad quality woodworking planes enredandonogaraxe.club

Cheap (and bad quality) hand plane for woodworking

All afternoon fighting with a small hand-held carpenter's plane. I don't even remember when I bought it or how much ...
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