Aluminum guide rails.

Aluminum slot guides for homemade woodworking combination machine

Félix Gómez Martín sends me, from Seville, the photos of his multifunction cutting table where he installs, according to the need he has during the execution of his carpentry projects, a circular hand saw, a milling machine or a keyhole saw.

As it is clear from the photos, he dedicated a lot of work to its manufacture and did not skimp on details, but one of the things he put more effort into was installing aluminum rails with also aluminum profiles sliding inside. And it is that if you have looked for aluminum profiles that fit perfectly inside each other (I have looked for them), it may be that, like me and Felix, it will have happened to you that you do not find profiles that fit one inside the other, even if you combine all of them the ones that fall into your hands. But Felix was determined that there had to be a way and he found a solution:

The solution was to buy a 35mm flat profile and 10x10mm square profiles. I put one on each side fixed with rivets at the bottom of the flat profile, which is attached to the table. Therefore the guide that runs along the rails is a «U» of 15 millimeters (35-10-10 = 15mm). All in aluminum as you can see in the photos. More than anything it was a stubborn mine to do it in aluminum, until I came up with this solution, but not before turning more "than a dog to lie down" looking everywhere for something that fit and did not exist anywhere.

The first time I saw the photos I thought it couldn't be easy to rivet the square profiles to the aluminum plate, but it seems that with a little patience and doing things little by little the result is quite satisfactory.

As for whether it was complicated to rivet it, I will say no, but laborious. For fix the square profiles on the plate the best and easiest to adjust and that there are no gaps is first fix them with a little contact glue and then when it dries start riveting. To leave the rivet heads flush with the bottom surface of the aluminum plate I made the corresponding countersinks.

More about this home woodworking cutting table.

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  1. I was just looking for a solution and thought of doing something similar, now my doubts have been clarified. Thank you!!!

    1. Enredando No Garaxe

      I use a drawer slide, but it seems that this system with aluminum rails works well for Felix. a greeting

    1. Enredando No Garaxe

      Yes, these types of table saws usually have quite a lot of clearance in the guides. It occurs to me that you change the metal guide for one that fits better in the slot. Although I don't know how easy the task can be. a greeting

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