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All these entries from carpentry have at least one video on how each proposed project is made, in addition to photos, explanations and some plan.

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  1. Hello Sergio.
    I would be very interested in having a template for making dovetail joints, but the truth is that the ones they sell are very expensive.
    It would be very difficult to make one ???
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hello: I have been thinking about how to make one of the typical ones for a long time and I think that it would have to be quite precise in the measurements and cuts in order for it to work well. Also, I think the copier ring on my milling machine is very large and would be a problem for me. I have thought of some other system but it will still happen long before I decide to test that such would work.

  2. Hello, I appreciate all the videos of your channel on youtube. they are very useful.
    I'm asking you to see if you can give me a hand. I have to cut MDF to make passe-partout of pictures. I cut the MDF 45 x 50 cm, I measure 5,5 cm on each edge, I draw the rectangle, but to cut the MDF with a 10mm hole punch and make the cuts with the jigsaw. Some are not straight due to the pulse ... Can you think of how to make a guide with wood?
    Tools I have:
    Work bench
    Boring machine
    I appreciate any help. Greetings from Mar del Plata, Argentina.

    1. Hello and thanks for your comment.
      The only thing I can think of is to use a simple ribbon as a guide. Measure the distance of the saw blade to the edge of the saw base and set the bar at that distance. The problem is that you will have to put it on the outside of your frame. If you already have your rectangle cut the same way, you have no place to attach the ribbon to your frame. You will need to make a small overhang with a couple of woods sticking out of your work table and screw a straight piece of your MDF over the overhang. Support your frame to the MDF, measure from the line you want to cut and place the ribbon that will guide. Now you can turn your frame without having to measure to place the guide bar every time. Make a hole inside the frame, insert the saw blade and cut until you have the entire side of the saw resting on the bar. Cut half of an inner side of your frame in one direction and cut the other half in the other direction. I hope I've been helpful.

  3. Hello, since I see that you have much more experience than me in this of wood, I take this opportunity to ask you to see if you can help me: the case is that I have a rectangular board from which I have to cut an interior rectangle, the problem is that this inner rectangle is going to be used (as a door) and therefore I cannot make the cut as I have always done until now, which is drilling and inserting the saw blade into the hole of the drill to start cutting because I It would spoil the inner (or outer) piece.

    I had thought to do it with the circular saw, the problem I see is that the rectangle to be cut has rounded corners and for that I should use the jigsaw, and the thickness of the blades of the different saws is very different (2,5mm the circular saw and 1mm jigsaw), which would not suit me either ...

    Do you know any way to do this that I am telling you about? Let's see if you give me a cable!
    Thank you

    1. Hello:
      What I would do is:
      Use a wooden or metal strip clamped with sergeants as a guide for the circular saw. Loosen the depth adjustment screw and lift the saw so that the blade does not protrude from the base. Rest the base against the guide and against the board. Very carefully start cutting by pushing down. Make sure you go down very vertically since the depth stop is loose, it dances a little. When the blade is fully tucked, lock the depth gauge again and cut the entire side minus the corners (you should still try a piece of old board first). Repeat on all sides. Cut the corners with the jigsaw. Take a piece of coarse sandpaper, roll it into a wooden block, and sand the corners until they fit as you like. If you follow the external cut of the disc saw with the jigsaw, you will have to sand more at the corners of the door. If you follow the internal cut you will have to sand more on the frame.

    2. Ok thanks for the idea, the truth is that I had thought about it but I did not know if it would look good. Now that you recommend it, it convinces me more. I will try as you say to see how it looks and if it turns out I will do it in the final wood.

      Thanks for your fast answer!!

  4. Hello, I'm Nancy, looking for information I got here, I have been posting your blog for hours, many useful and interesting things, I need to make a deposit for tools 6mt front x 2mt wide (it is with the space that I count) Could you help me PLZ! I saw many videos but they do not show how to keep the walls firm. Congratulations on your blog. Cheers

  5. Hello Being, yes, it is to store garden tools, it will be in the outside and the measurements are those that I have. Thank you very much for your attention. I'm Nancy

    1. Hello: I will try to translate the article that I told you. Search youtube for "how to make a shed". Whether you understand English or not, you will surely have an idea of ​​how to build it. Cheers

    2. Hello Nancy: on my blog go to the carpentry tab, then to woodgears translations. There you will find the article about the garden shed translated. It is not that it is very detailed in that article, but some idea surely you get. You have plans in SketchUp (free program from Google). I hope it is useful for you and hit the G + button 🙂 :). Cheers

  6. In reality, people like you deserve to continue living for many years, because in reality they serve the community that has very little resources to have their own carpentry workshop.
    May God Bless all contributors to this blog.

  7. I'm not in my forties yet, so I hope to continue living many years, hehe: P. I am not a believer but thanks for the good intention of your comment, since it encourages me to continue with these carpentry projects. I'm glad to see that the blog is useful. Cheers

  8. Dear Cesar.
    Is there any possibility of having us download your videos and have them in some usb memory? It turns out that direct% from youtube it is not possible, and in my case, that I have a house in the mountains, internet technology is still absent. I have my workshop there, but since I do not have an internet connection you cannot advise me on my projects, which would make it much easier for me. Look at it please, to see if it is possible to download the videos direct% to the hard drive of the laptop. Thanks for being so crazy with the brico, to those of us who are a bit clumsy, you are doing great. Lucky to have guys like you. Greetings from Bcn. Carlos

  9. Sorry, I called you Cesar when your name is actually Sergio. Anyway Cesar would also suit you. The same was thinking of the dog charmer, instead yours is to love the wood. Carlos

  10. Hahaha, yes, Sergio, let's leave it to Sergio. Well, I ever thought about the subject. Maybe some download links for the videos ... but it wouldn't be free (recording, editing videos and managing the blog is a lot of work for me that I compensate in a small part with the income from YouTube), although very cheap. I'm still not very clear about how or through which sales system I found on the internet, but it is an idea that is around. Cheers

  11. Thanks for your blog, which has given a taste for carpentry as a hobby. So thank you very much.
    I hope you continue to translate Mathias's blog entries, since between the two of them they give "classes" on how to do basic things with which to test their own skills and then make works of art, such as those made by master carpenters and cabinetmakers ...

    Greetings from Chile!

    1. Thanks Vicente. There is no need to make things very complicated. If we start with something simple and we like it, we will gradually try to learn to do the most difficult and improve our ability. Welcome to this hobby.

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