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Carving Halloween Jack O’Lantern Pumpkin 2014

As every year I give myself the license to carve a Halloween Jack O’Lantern pumpkin and sneak it in among the DIY videos. Here in Galicia this is a holiday that seems to be recovered, but we call it Samaín. In addition to entertaining us for a while, it is worth carving one of these lanterns as a Halloween decoration. Making one Jack O’Lantern can be more or less complicated, but anything we can make with the pumpkin will always look great with a candle in the inside and will decorate the garden or terrace at night for a few days.

This year I didn’t get so complicated and used some old objects I found in the workshop to decorate the pumpkin: a large plumbing nut and a plastic one from a washing machine to make the eyes of Jack, a spark plug as a nose and the remains of the rusty nails from the last pallet I dismantled as teeth.

Carving Halloween Jack O'Lantern.

Ya veis que con muy poco una calabaza de Halloween siempre quedan bien. Y para terminar la decoración la metí dentro de una jaula para decoración de Halloween muy fea que hice en una entrada anterior. Aunque la calabaza quedaba un poco pequeña dentro de la jaula, así que le hice un sencillo columpio con un recorte viejo de tabla y unos trozos de alambre.

As you can see in the pictures and as you will see in the video, I have two Halloween pumpkins, and one of them has just the holes in the face of Jack. Those holes match the decorative pieces I put on the other Halloween pumpkin, as I didn’t realize I had the camera fogged up during the video shoot. So, I had to record a new video carving the Jack O’Lantern pumpkin, and that is why I had to take all the decorations off the rounder pumpkin and put it to the other one.

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