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Cheap lathe kit for drill

The truth is that I never had much interest in getting a lathe to turn pieces of wood. Yes, I admit that it catches my attention to see the lathe working, especially if it is live and I see the wood chips jump in front of me. And furniture with excessive turned parts is not something I like too much either. I always thought that if I ever needed a turned piece of wood, for example turned legs to make a wooden table, I could buy the ready-made pieces.

Sometimes I looked around in online shops paying attention to the price of the cheapest lathes, but they always doubled the price of any of my DIY woodworking machines, and since then it was a significant expense for me, I never decided to buy one, not even a cheap lathe.

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Another possibility was to make myself a drill powered lathe with a drill, but I was not sure how to make a good drive centre, a good live centre or a good tool rest, so I never tried to make one. But some time ago I found this drill lathe kit for only XNUMX€ plus shipping. I have to say that I have not tried it yet and I cannot tell you about how good it works. (OK, now I've already tried it several times and it doesn't work wonders. It's hard to get decent quality parts.)

The lathe bed is a 90cm long aluminium profile. It seems to be a good quality profile, but because this bed is made of aluminium it has a lack of weight. It could be made of steel to be heavy, but that would make this drill lathe kit more expensive, and the quality of a mechanized steel lathe bed to use in a cheap kit would be worst than the quality of an extruded aluminum profile. It has a big channel to fix three T-bolts (actually three hex nuts).

Both the tailstock and the fixed head and the base of the tool holder are anchored to the lathe bed by screwing a bolt to the corresponding nut in the slot. If you look at the photo on the left and as you can see in the video, I had to wedge the front part of the fixed head so that the drag point was well aligned with the tailstock of the mobile head. And the lead screw of the spinning top is a little loose in the head, but once we tighten the nut it remains very firm.

Drag points, tailstock and clamp plate. enredandonogaraxe.club

This drill powered lathe kit comes with a simple face plate and a couple of drive points. One of those drive points is the typical one that leaves a cross mark in the wood and is used with the live point pushing in the other side of the piece of wood. I think that the other one is to use with a screw inside protruding the hole in the front of it. This screw holds the small pieces of wood and we can turn without the live point.

Cheap lathe kit tool holder. enredandonogaraxe.club

The tool rest base moves very smooth on the base of this drill powered lathe, and it allows to put the tool rest in almost any position around the workpiece. With a simple lever we can clamp that base very easily and very fast.

The only downside that I find is in the tool holder guide, since I think I will need to make a small grinding on the edge where the tools rest with a file, in order to move the gouges and chisels gently from side to side of the guide Tool holder.

You can see in the photo an in the video that this lathe kit comes with a kind of table, too. We put it instead of the tool rest, and now we can use it with a disc sander installed in the drill chuck. But now I have a better homemade disc sander.

You can follow in this link everything that is published about this lathe to make DIY projects with wood.

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