Guide for grooving with the circular.

Circular saw jig to cut dados and grooves

Dado cuts, groove cuts, mortises … When I think of mortises I imagine more of those for mortise and tenon joints, a hole with just the opening at the top. And when I think of grooves I think of something narrower. But sure most of you probably know what a dado is (here in Spain, I am not sure what to call dado in Spanish).

If I had gone through carpentry school I’m sure I wouldn’t have these problems with the names, but since we don’t need to know their name to invoke them (ok, I need a name approximate enough to be able to ask Google) but what I need is to know how to make them (I’m sure in carpentry school I would learn to cut them accurately and cleanly), I leave you the link to the translated article where Matthias uses a very simple to make guide to make this kind of cuts with the disc saw.

As always you have the link to this Woodgears article in the woodworking projects tab of this blog and there go to woodgears translations (#18).

You can also take a look at a guide for cutting at 90 degrees with the circular saw that I made some time ago.

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