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Circular saw square cuts guide

The stool is almost ready (and as a test I leave you a picture of how it goes). The only thing missing is the seat base, sanding, gluing and painting. That’s probably going to be three videos. To do this I used two different sizes of ribbon, 30×40 millimeters and 40×40 millimeters. To cut the 30×40 laths I used the disk saw jig we had, but to cut the 40×40 laths I could not use it, since the dimensions of the disk of my saw limit the cutting possibility of that jig to a maximum of 30 millimeters.

So in the video for this post I’m going to make a 90 degree cutting guide for the circular saw. We can always resort to a hand saw or a jigsaw, but if we have a circular saw with a halfway decent cutting blade (saws are not usually sold with a blade for precise cuts, so it is advisable to buy one, although it can be more than 50% of the price of the saw) it is best to try to use it.

Sheet metal guide for 90 degree cuts.

This new cutting guide is very easy to make and is very useful for cutting with the circular saw. We only need a 4 or 5 mm thick marquetry veneer and a small strip of wood or plywood of about 10×15 mm. I use a marquetry veneer for the base because if I used a 10 mm plywood veneer I would not have the saw to cut the 40 millimeters of the lath. I still manage to cut the ribbon very fairly (a couple of millimeters more than I had the ribbon and I wouldn’t be able to cut it). In this case, it would be best to adjust the cutting depth of the saw to cut a little more than half the thickness of the lath, turn the lath 180º and cut the other half of the thickness (and sand any mismatch we may have). In my case I didn’t want to complicate things and with a little care I got clean and quite precise cuts.

As this circular saw guide is so simple, in this case I don’t leave any plans either and I hope that the indications in the video will be enough.

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