How to cut equal boards

A woodworking trick to cut identical boards

Sometimes for some of our woodworking projects we need to cut boards that are exactly the same. And even if we have a circular saw and a cutting guide that allows us to cut accurately, cutting more than two or three boards quickly and precisely can be tricky and tedious. This is because the guide needs to be adjusted for each cut. But with this simple trick I can cut boards exactly the same, repetitively, adjusting the cutting jig just once.

To cut with the circular saw long ago I made a simple cutting table. And this one is perfect for this simple trick of carpentry.

Put a bumper on the front of the marquetry board

In this case I have several pieces of thin plywood boards that I bought, pre-cut, in the DIY center. But I have to cut a strip form several of those thin plywood boards to make them some smaller.

So, I already drew the cut line on one of those pieces. I put it on my cutting table and screw a stop block against the far edge.

Adjust the cutting guide on the cutting line

Now I put my circular saw straight cuts jig on the board that I want to cut. And I adjust the edge of the jig on the cut line that I made on the plywood board.

Screw one end of the cutting guide

And screw one end of the ▶ ️ cutting guide (<- see video of how I made this guide).

Screw the other end of the cutting guide

I check that the circular saw jig is still perfect on the cutting line, and I screw the other end.

Put a stop on one end of the cutting guide

And finally I put another stop block against one end of the cutting jig. So now I already have this simple jig ready to cut these plywood boards exactly to the same dimensions.

How to change the boards to be cut

So now, to remove the board that I have just cut and to change it for another one, I just have to loosen the screw that holds the cutting jig next to the second stop block that I had put. I raise the circular saw jig a little, I remove the plywood board, I insert the new thin plywood board making sure I put it against the first stop block, and I screw the cutting jig back on.

Cut a board with the circular and the cutting guide

This way it is very easy to cut the boards so that they are exactly the same, since I do not have to adjust the circular saw cutting jig continuously. I simply put them into position in this jig and I cut them with the circular saw.

Don't miss the video to see how easy it is to modify the jig to cut a larger plywood board.

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  1. Very good. I suppose that in my case I do not have a circular saw and it gives me a lot of respect, I will be able to do the same but with a jigsaw, knowing that the cut is not so perfect. Thank you very much, your explanations and ways of teaching it are very useful. Thank you!

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