What is the kickback, kickback or kickback of the circular saw

Dangerous circular saw kickback

When we start with our hobby of carpentry we are aware that the electric DIY machines that we are going to use are dangerous.

Looking at the teeth and the speed with which the cutting blades, discs and blades of machines move, we already know that we must keep our hands away. But with some machines there are dangers of which we are not aware until they are explained to us, or in the worst case until those dangers manifest themselves completely unexpectedly.

I am not an expert on the subject, and surely many times I worked in an inadequate way, but at least I hope to be able to explain some of these dangers in a basic way so that those who do not know them know that they must be well informed about them.

One of the biggest dangers of our machines is related to the kickback or kickback of the circular saw. This occurs when the back of the saw blade bites into the wood or is pressed into the slot that the blade is cutting, so that the force that the motor makes to rotate the blade becomes a jump backwards from the circular saw. . The most basic thing to try to prevent this from happening is to avoid cutting green or wet woods that can have tensions that cause the groove we are cutting to close behind the disc. We should also keep our saw blade clean and if possible use a saw that has a divider blade behind the blade.

As I said I am not an expert, so I better leave you the videos where I try to explain how kickback occurs and how I try to work with some of my guides in a way that I think I keep safe. In any case, the best thing you can do is look for information on the subject, if possible from professionals.

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