DIY compost bin made with pallets

If you have a lawn or grassy garden you already know that the problem, apart from cutting the grass, is what to do with it once it is cut. It is best to compost the grass in a composter. Some people spread it in areas of the garden where there is no grass and let it decompose, but if there is a lot of it, sometimes there is not enough room to throw it all. What should not be done (and should be prohibited) is to put that weed in plastic bags and throw it in the trash. This is not only done by individuals, but also by some gardening companies that, for convenience and if there is not much grass cut on the farm where they are working, put the grass in bags and leave it in the nearest container. I don’t know what kind of waste management these gardening companies have, but it is a shame to see how they throw bags full of grass in the garbage when it can be perfectly used to make compost.

To make compost you only need a composter and a little technique to know how to make the compost mature (no big deal). Two basic things that are necessary: aeration and humidity). There are composters of various sizes on the market, from composters for small gardens to composters for large volumes of compostable material such as those used by gardening companies, which should consider the option of setting up composters to give added value to a waste that they are paid to remove. But if we do not want to buy a plastic composter, we can also take the opportunity to make one of those projects with pallets that we like so much, and accumulate pallets until we have enough to make a home composter.

A composter in a corner of the garden does not get in our way and provides us with a place to throw the grass and other garden and kitchen waste, with the advantage that after a few months it will give us a quality compost that is surprising for the performance it has when we use it on our lawn, our plants or our vegetable garden. Later in this post I will try to explain what can and cannot be put in the home composter and how to make the compost. For the moment we are going with the first video on how to make one with pallets. Here you will see how I use pallets that I disassembled by hitting them with a mallet, but you may be interested to see how to disassemble them by cutting the nails from the pallet with a saber saw.

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