DIY pallet wood lawn chair

Adirondack garden chair made of pallet wood

I guess you want to disassemble one pallet because you already have some ideas with pallet wood in mind, but in this case the idea of making a lawn chair was not first. Actually first I disassembled the pallet and then spent a couple of days thinking about what to make with the wood. (Still) I’m not a big fan of these projects with pallets and that’s why I didn’t have anything in mind, but sure because we are in summer I thought about how to make a garden chair, more specifically one of those Adirondack style Canadian lawn chairs.

At first I wasn’t sure if I would have enough wood from a single pallet to make this garden chair, especially considering that I had to crosscut one board, another one was already broken and another one was rotten, but after a couple of turns of the design I even had some wood left and I didn’t have to take the reciprocating saw to disassemble another pallet. Yes, maybe what I should have done is to disassemble another pallet, but one with newer boards to make a lawn chair with a “better look”. I’ll have to give it a good sanding and some paint or stain to make it look a little nicer. It’s a fairly simple pallet project to make, and even though the video shows me using the miter saw a couple of times, I could also make all the cuts with the with the help of the circular saw jig for 90º cross cuts. And despite there are a couple of 45º cuts, these can be made with a handsaw, a jigsaw or a circular saw, since this is an unimportant just decorative cut.

If you are just curious, in the video you can see how I make it. But if you want to make a pallet wood patio chair like this one, head on over to the post with the plans of the Adirondack lawn chair made of one pallet. There you have all the measurements and the video with all the explanations of the making of this one pallet lawn chair.

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