Varnished judge's mallet.

How to make a small mallet with wood branches. Mere Mortals video contest.

I am preparing the video for “The Mere Mortals Video Contest”. I finally finished recording everything and I realize that I have 50 fragments of videos to edit (I don’t know how it could happen). The rule that Steve Ramsey (I guess he needs no introduction) set is that the videos should be 10 seconds, although he later said that you don’t have to stick to that much either. My main video will be about that length, but I will have links to other videos related to that one. I hope people will be encouraged to see them all.

I think I’m going to create a playlist on purpose on my youtube channel that I’ll call something like “Video falls for the 2012 Mere Mortals Video Contest” (more or less, I don’t know how correct my English is, I think I’m taking too much license making up words). I have until Sunday to introduce myself, which means that today and tomorrow I will spend the day editing, while I leave you some photos to whet your appetite. I hope you like them and vote for me :-).

The first video, in which we see how to make a wooden mallet, is the one I use for the contest and the other 4 (yes, 5 videos at once, maybe I’m going a little overboard) are the ones linked in the first one. Wish me luck and if you like them you can vote for me by clicking on “like” on the video. You will find all the participating videos here (not anymore). As a curiosity, the base and the head of the hammer or wooden mallet are made of oak, and the handle is made of an apple tree branch.

Video 2: How I made this thing (judge’s gavel)

Video 3: How I made this other thing (base for punching)

Video 4: Nothing

Video 5: Plan B

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