Table saw

Table saw made with my old miter saw

Yesterday I spent the day working on my table saw. My table saw goes on the structure that I was able to make recently and that you can see in this blog. Since many of the people who are into woodworking have a disc saw, I made an entry on how to make a table saw with the disc saw, but the truth is that my disc saw does not have enough power (750W) to cut more than 2.5cm of wood easily and comfortably. A few months ago I bought a new miter saw , so I could afford to disassemble the old one to try to use it on the table saw. I did a first test and the truth is that having more power is noticeable. The 1200W it has will cut 3cm wood without any major problem.

Although now that I think about it… maybe the cutting problems I was having with the circular saw were because of the blade I have installed. The truth is that I wasn’t going to make a video on how to attach the miter saw motor to the table, but I guess I couldn’t resist so I’m editing it and will make the corresponding entry.

Mitre saw attached to the table.


I was planning to write a new entry, but as I’m getting late and I don’t want to repeat what I already wrote, I’ll continue with this one. In addition I still have to do some repairs that I will also explain in this post as I do them.

The up and down system of the saw works quite well, and although I need 130 turns of the crank from the lowest to the highest position this allows me to adjust the height of the saw quite accurately. In addition, the saw remains stable in its position without the need for any locking system. I thought I would have to put something that would allow me to lock the carriage that I move when I turn the threaded rod, but the truth is that I don’t notice it moving when I use it.

The biggest problem is that the blade has a little dance that will not allow me to cut accurately. After reviewing everything, it seems to me that the problem is that One of the tie rods that connects the carriage to the saw is pushing more than the other and until I shorten it a little I won’t fix the problem. I will let you know as soon as I do it. Eventually that wasn’t the problem with this table saw, so I decided to disassemble it and took advantage of the lifting system to make a new homemade table saw using a circular saw.

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