Making a wooden puzzle.

Three wooden toys to give as Christmas gifts

A simple platform with wheels, one of those curious wooden puzzles and the magic propeller game.

In principle we might think that because they are toys for children, but I think these will entertain us older, at least until we give us the first blow recalling past times while we slide on the platform as a skateboard as a teenager for ever.

Those wooden piece puzzles are always a challenge to test our spatial imagination. In addition, this one is easy to manufacture, since we only have to cut some wooden cubes and glue them directly to form the three pieces of which it is composed. The magic propeller may not hold a child’s attention, but you’re sure to entertain a gathering of friends for a while by challenging them to figure out the trick. And the platform with wheels … I don’t know, I don’t think you want to see your kids sliding down the street on that thing. At most seated and in the hallway or garage, on the terrace or in the garden. I’m guessing it will end up in a storage room before someone breaks something and it will only be used for moving stuff during a move.

You have the link to the Spanish articles of these three Woodgears wood “toys” in the woodworking projects tab of this blog and there go to woodgears translations (numbers 22, 23 and 24).

Or you may also be interested to see how to make this wooden rainbow. A stackable Waldorf rainbow that has become very popular lately:

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