DIY wall coat rack with letters

How to make a wall coat rack using curtain finials

After making the display case that looks like a typical Galician raised granary (hórreo), I thought that the system I had used to cut the curtain finials at an angle, to make the legs of that display case, would also serve to cut some of those curtain finials and use them to make a simple wall coat rack of wood. And so stop piling jackets on top of a chair.

So let’s put aside my lack of interest in tidiness, and see how I made this wall coat rack for jackets and other clothing items.

Cut and round the corners of the wood board

To make this diy coat rack I used a piece of board I had in the workshop. I’m going to cut and round the corners with my table jigsaw. To sand the corners and the entire edge of the board I use a piece of sandpaper wrapped around a wooden block. Once the edge of the wood is well sanded and smooth, I route a simple molding all around it.

Watch how I made the table jigsaw

As you can see in some of the pictures, I also routed some simple lettering on the board. I had to carve these letters by hand with the router machine, and that is why they came out with that crooked and shaky looking. But I like the way they look once I painted them green and sanded off the excess of paint with the wooden block with the sandpaper wrapped around it.

Plug the hole of the wood curtain finials

The most complicated part is cutting the curtain finials at an angle to make the hooks. But after the making of the display case that looks like a raised granary, it was easy to re-adapt the support jig for cutting them with the miter saw. I was then able to hold the small turned parts securely to cut them at an angle on the miter saw, and so I could make this kind of wood hooks.

The best thing is that once the cutting jig is made, the job is done quickly in a repetitive way. The worst thing is the work involved in plugging the hole in these curtain finials by gluing a piece of curtain rod to them, mainly if the rod is slightly larger in diameter than the hole.

Screw the curtain finials to the wall coat rack board

This wall coat rack is not a diy project with witch we are going to complicate when putting the pieces together. I’m just going to carefully measure and mark the position where to put the wooden hooks. We need some space between them to hang the clothes. Then, I have to drill pilot holes and screw in place the curtain finials that I use as coat hooks. With some carpenter’s glue I hope to keep them from turning in the screw when I hang a jacket in this wall coat rack.

To hang on the wall this wall coat rack, I use those flat metal hooks that you can see in the picture. By carving a small groove with the chisel to accommodate the head of the L hooks, I get the coat rack to lie perfectly flat against the wall. But before hanging it I sand it with a sanding block, I clean it well and I will varnish it with one or two coats of a transparent varnish spray.

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