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DIY wooden slides for drawers

If we make a chest of drawers or a wooden chest of drawers in our home woodworking shop, one of the decisions we have to make is what type of runners or guides to use for the drawers. We can always buy some of the models of metal drawer slides that are for sale, but that will give the impression that we left our carpentry work half done.

Matthias shows us some of the wooden sliding systems he knows, explaining the advantages and disadvantages in terms of space utilization and ease of sliding drawers in and out of the cabinet. And it also gives us some solutions for drawers that slide badly. In summary it can be said that hardwood glides well on hardwood and better if we apply wax. However, making softwood runners sliding on softwood is, in general, a bad idea. With the tools I had in my workshop, making drawers always seemed very complicated to me, but now that I have a good way to make them, I can make them. cutting dovetailed joints for drawers and drawer cut the slots for the bottom, I think I can now think about making some kind of chest of drawers or chest of drawers.

A few years ago I made a built-in cupboard for the kitchen, with a drawer underneath. I made the chest of drawers in the simplest way I could think of and I show it to you in the following video. After the video you have the number to find the Woodgears article in this blog.

You have the link to the Woodgears wood runner article in the woodworking projects tab of this blog and there go to woodgears translations (number 26).

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