Drill bits

The variety of drill bits that we can find on the market seems endless, which is why we decided to separate them into the different types of drill bits so that you can easily find the bit you are looking for for the drilling task you need to perform.

The main drill accessory, the one that makes the drill work when it comes to performing its primary function, is the drill bit. And it is that the main function of a drill is to make holes. Here you will find drill bits for the different materials you need to drill. But don’t just focus on the most typical diameters. One never knows when we are going to need to drill holes of 7mm, 11m, …

We are going to differentiate drill bits mainly by the type of material that we can drill with them and by their diameter.

The variety of diameters make these small drill accessories very versatile, since they allow us to precisely drill the holes of the size we need. Drill kits usually have the most commonly used diameters, but it is interesting to have other diameters that do not usually come in a conventional drill kit.

What material do we need to drill?

The main thing that we must take into account when buying drill bits to make holes with the drill is what material do we want them for? What material do we want to drill with them? Do we need drill bits for metal, to drill holes in wood, to make holes in the wall?

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What drill bits do I need for the drill I have

Do we have a normal drill? Does it have a percussion action? Or have you just bought a drill press and you are looking to make the most of it? On the other hand, if what you have is a hammer drill, surely you already understand a lot about drills and theirs bits.

Drill bits: These are the bits for a normal drill like the one we can use at home and in some professional jobs. These are usually twist drill bits for wood and twist drill bits for metal. We can also use wall drill bits in it as long as the drill has a percussion action.

Hammer drill bits: These are the typical spiral-shaped wall bits that have a widia insert in the tip. They need the percussion action of the drill to be able to drill into concrete, brick or block walls. Always taking into account the characteristics and power of the drill.

Hammer Drill Bits: These bits are similar to normal wall bits, with their spiral and tungsten carbide tip insert. But still to the eye they are clearly different. We are going to notice that the base of the bit is not smooth, but rather has a special shape to be able to be used in the special quick coupling chucks of drill hammers. And the spiral is not simple, but is usually double. In addition, the widia insert at the tip of the drill is better fitted. In general, the metal with which they are made looks different and their appearance is more robust.

Drill bits for drill press: in the drill press we can use conventional drill bits for wood and metal. But we can also achieve more precision and cleaner and straighter holes with Forstner bits and even with hole saw bits.

But do not forget about the indispensable accessory for drill bits. Sometimes we need to control how far the bits go when drilling a hole and avoid pushing the drill any further. For this it is always good to have a depth stop on hand.

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