Suction connection box.

Dust collection of the router table in operation

I was curious to see how the suction worked on the DIY router table when adjustable inserts are placed in the table and the guide and on the back of the guide a small box is mounted to attach the suction tube. Now it is clear to me that it works very well. When you are milling any part, you don’t see any particles or dust coming out anywhere. What a difference. When we use the milling machine without suction and by hand, we immediately fill the work table with chips and dust, in addition to what goes off the table and all the fine dust that ends up floating in the air. If we have a milling table we have to attach something like this to it, our lungs will thank us for it and the time we will spend cleaning the workshop will certainly be considerably reduced.

The video is recorded with the top cover of the box removed and still almost everything goes down the suction tube. Even when the vacuum cleaner is switched off most of the dust and shavings remain inside the box. After a few tests the only thing I had to clean up was a very small fraction of dust that remains between the base of the slide and the table surface that we don’t see until we remove the slide.

Record video carpentry.

Take a closer look at my dust extraction system for the milling table and the table saw.

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