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Dust collector system for my DIY combination machine

If you use your do-it-yourself machines occasionally in the workshop, you will probably not even consider connecting a workshop vacuum cleaner to the suction connection. One can end up getting used to seeing the sawdust and dust flying around without giving it much importance, but the truth is that our lungs will thank us for not being continuously exposed to the wood dust we generate. A mask can be used, but the best option is, in addition to using the mask when necessary, to have a suction system ready to connect to our machines, which have a connection tube for a reason. Although you may need to look for leftover tubes to make the suction tube fit with the machine tubes.

I use a Kärcher shop vac, but even though it is a shop vac I protect it with a simple separation system. The separation system I have is nothing more than something like a paint bucket (it’s an empty paint bucket and little else) but with a filter and a couple of inlets, one for the shop vacuum hose and one for the vacuum hose that I connect to the machines.

It doesn’t seem difficult to make, but the truth is that I bought an Electrolux “Big Dirt” separator a few years ago (which I thought was quite expensive for what it is. But maybe not for what it does) to use as an ash vacuum cleaner for the fireplace, but it spends most of its time in my workshop.

Chip separator system for milling table.

In the videos I posted so far it is not easy to see how effective the system is connected to the homemade table saw, but you will have seen that it works very well with the router table. What does look good in this video is how I can turn the shop vac and the corresponding machine on and off independently from the area of the table where I am working.

The socket for the vacuum cleaner is in series with the switch and is a simple installation to make, but I hope you won’t think of something like this to turn on the circular saw or router, as it can be dangerous. For that you will need another type of plug that is more difficult to activate or a safety plug as shown in the picture.

If you already have the safety socket, you might think about plugging a power strip into the safety socket and turn on the machine and the vacuum cleaner at the same time, but turning on so much power in a normal garage installation is not a good idea. It is always best to stagger the power. At least the energy-saving bulbs you use to illuminate the workshop will appreciate it.

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