Mitre saw stand DIYSome months ago I bought a miter saw. I still need to adjust it and, but the most important was to prepare a place or make some kind of miter saw stand to put it, and use it. So far I always had to free some space on a table to use it, and after I use it my shop was a mess with all the sawdust it generates. It is easy to move this machine from here to there, but the best option is to have a permanent place for it.

Simple miter saw standIf you buy a chop saw like this you must know you will have four problems with it:
– You need a permanent place for it.
– It generates lots of dust and sawdust.
– The base to put you wood on is always too small, so it is better to make a bigger wooden base to put on the saw base.
– You will need to adjust it to get perfect 90 degrees and 45 degrees cuts.

The sawdust stays inside the miter saw standIn this post I show you how I make a simple miter saw stand to use there my miter saw. It has a box to keep the sawdust inside so that my shop it is not a mess after I use it. This way we fix, or at least we reduce, two of those four problems.

In another post we will see how to make a bigger base. I will try to adjust it , too, but I still cannot make perfect miter joints, so perhaps I am not the right person to show you how to adjust it. Anyway, when I am more confident with this, if I am successful adjusting it, I will show you how I did.

Cantilevered shelf to put the miter saw onI could had made a miter saw station from zero, but sometimes things doesn’t need to get complicated, so I preferred to buy a cheap, but resistant, slatted shelves. It was easy to use one shelf to make a cantilevered shelf level with another in the shelves, right at the wished height, to use the miter saw.

Once I distributed each shelf, the frame of this shelves defines the box that will keep the sawdust inside. I just have to close the sides with some 3 millimetre mdf sheets. I had them cut to the wished dimensions at the DIY centre where I bought them. You can see in the video that the whole procedure to arrange the shelves and make the box is very easy.

My wall is covered with wood, so it is easy to screw the shelves to it. If your wall is made of bricks or concrete you will need to drill it and use some nylon plugs to screw and secure your miter saw stand to the wall. It is something you must do if you use a slatted shelves like this to make your chop saw “cabinet”.