Cómo hacer una lámpara con perchas de madera

How to make a wooden lamp out of hangers

In this first video you can watch how to make a wooden lamp out of hangers. And at the end of this post you can watch how to make a white hangers lamp. And finally you can watch a video about how to make the dowelling jig I used to drill the holes to make (more…)

Mesa para taladrar vertical en el taladro de columna

Vertical drill press table DIY

Sometimes we are working on some woodworking project in our shop and we need to drill the head of some strips. For example to drill dowel holes to make some dowels joints. When we clamp the strips and we drill them freehand we usually make some mess. And it seems to be something very difficult, (more…)

Make a small wooden board from old planks

My first intention was to buy a wooden board to make the stool seat, but finally I made a small one with some old planks I found in my shop. And because I don`t have fancy tools I use limited tools. As you can see in the video, the method I use to make this (more…)