Cómo hacer bolas de madera con el torno

How to make wooden balls

Turning wooden balls on a drill powered lathe is almost impossible. But the truth is that I have never needed to make wooden balls for any of my woodworking projects. But one day I saw a machine that makes small bead balls. The thing is that those machines are something similar to mounting a drill (more…)

Utilizar el taladro de columna como mortajadora

Mortising on the drill press without attachment

To make mortises, to make mortise and tenon wood joints, we can use a mortising machine, a router and a mortising jig or a table saw jig. Or we can also use a chisel to make them by hand. There are also mortising attachments that we can use on the drill press. But here we’ll (more…)

Mesa y guía para taladrar con el taladro de columna

DIY drill press table with swivelling fence

I had never thought before about how to make a drill press table, because I never thought it could be more handy than the drill press built in metallic table. But I must admit it was a surprise to discover how useful is the drill press table I made. A bigger table has more surface (more…)

Mesa para taladrar vertical en el taladro de columna

Vertical drill press table DIY

Sometimes we are working on some woodworking project in our shop and we need to drill the head of some strips. For example to drill dowel holes to make some dowels joints. When we clamp the strips and we drill them freehand we usually make some mess. And it seems to be something very difficult, (more…)