Guía para fresar espigas de madera en la mesa fresadora

Easy to make tenoning jig for router table

Now that I have already fixed my router table fence, I can route the end of the wooden strips. So, I hope I won`t get a crooked routing anymore. This is good news if I need, for example, to route some tenons. But even so, it is not easy to keep the strips in the (more…)

Hacer una guía lateral para mesa fresadora

Router table fence improvement

When I made the double sliding router table and table saw fence, I had almost no experience working with a router table. So, after some time using that router fence, I realised that the vertical zero clearance insert I had install to the fence was too thin. The problem is that because it is very (more…)

Guía para uniones tipo dedo.

Make a finger joint router table jig

Sometimes (most times) we want a way to make decent finger joints fast. And because these wooden joints are also very hard, we often think about using them to make wooden boxes or other woodworking projects. For example to keep our tools. And those are lots of cuts. So, why not making a finger joint (more…)

Guía lateral sierra de mesa y fresadora.

Router table and table saw fence system

Now that I have my router table and my table saw, I just need a fence to work comfortably. Now I almost look like a real woodworker with my homemade woodworking combination machine. Clamping a wooden bar to use it like a router table fence, or like a table saw fence, is neither comfortable nor (more…)

Sistema de elevación para mesa fresadora.

Do it yourself router lift

When we buy our first router and we use it for the first time, we discover all the possibilities it has, and we realise it is a tool that will take our shop to the next level. After searching for more information in Internet and YouTube we know that the next we need is a (more…)

Inserto de la mesa fresadora.

Do it yourself router table

May be this is not enough for a professional carpenter, but as a woodworker with a garage shop, a router table to make my projects and to improve the possibilities of my small shop is something I long wished. Next is to make the fence, but I´ll show you that in another post. To attach (more…)