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Foldable and portable DIY table saw

We all have our own needs and tastes and when it comes to table saws, it could not be less. What more would many of us want than to be able to buy a good professional (or semi-professional) table saw and, by the way, another more or less small and portable one like that Bosh brand that I’m sure you know.

If you have no choice but to make one yourself with the circular saw, you will probably be looking for a design that suits your tastes and needs. Some people like the fact that utility is not at odds with appearance, as in the multifunction saw that Felix made for himself. I made my table saw (look for it in the woodworking projects tab) thinking more about it being practical than pretty, since for me practical means, among other things, being able to make cuts with the handsaw, drive nails and drive screws into the tabletop without much fuss.

If what you need is a small, foldable table saw that you can easily store and also transport without much trouble, and if you only have a disc saw and also want it to be able to be installed and removed from the table saw quickly and easily, and also don’t want to use too many materials in manufacturing and still have a side guide of sufficient quality, the handy table saw from “I Build It” is what you are looking for.

Look for the link to the Spanish article about this very useful table saw that John Heisz made in the woodworking projects tab of this blog and there go to I Build It translations (number 1).

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