Plans and more woodworking plans

Sometimes, when you don’t feel like breaking your head too much but you feel like being in the workshop building something, the easiest thing to do can be to look for a plan and get to work. At freewoodworkingplan we have hundreds of plans to turn to. The page is a directory with categories sorted alphabetically. Each time we open a category, a list of plans appears, usually with a thumbnail photo to give us an idea.

Carpentry drawings

Actually they are not plans that are hosted on that website, but every time we click on one it sends us to the website where those responsible for freewoodworkingplan found them.

Measuring tapes in cm and inches

Sometimes they are very detailed and sometimes we just see how to build something but we don’t have the plans or measurements. The worst thing is that if there are measurements they are usually in inches and the explanations are in English, although I recognize that it is a good way to practice English. At the moment I have bought one of those flexometers that come in meters and feet.

And if you don’t understand English, at least it’s a good place to access ideas, since there are always photos or diagrams of the projects. And even if the projects you find don’t convince you, it’s interesting to take a look at the photos to learn some woodworking techniques that we don’t know.

Mind you, the page isn’t the prettiest in the world, but it’s worth bookmarking.

In this same woodworking and DIY blog you can also find some plans, but you know that I try to make my woodworking projects, including some furniture made by me, without too many plans.

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