Workshop spotlights.

Garage lighting and reorganization

After so much complaining about the lighting in my garage workshop it was time to do something about it. The only artificial light I had was a light bulb hanging 3.5 meters high with no lamp or any kind of reflective screen or anything. Just a light bulb with its bulb holder hanging from an electric cable. I also used a spotlight that hung on the wall in a bad position and I could barely direct it where I wanted it to go.

As I was doing some repairs in the workshop, I decided to put cable with plugs to four other bulbs equal to the first one that I had disassembled and I made some brackets. The result is shown in the photos. In total almost 5000 lumen (yes, five thousand) with less than 90W (all energy saving bulbs). I don’t know why this reuse of things I had in the workshop reminded me of times gone by, and although I’m already from the 70’s I think this 60’s effect looks great on the photographs.

My old workshop.

In the panoramic view you can see the workshop (half workshop half set, saving the distances in both cases). The plastic you see is for protection because I was practicing with the paint gun. I painted the blackboard because at first I thought I could use it to give some explanation of the projects, but after some testing I was not convinced. You can see some pots and wire around that are part of a pending “DIY and gardening” project (I hope I don’t spend the summer before recording it). Among the clutter is a pilgrim pumpkin that I have to paint, paint cans, the camera tripod, the pillar drill, the stool, and half-painted furniture.

Support for painting.

To paint that furniture is why I’m practicing with the spray gun (you can see the air compressor for the spray gun out there too). As it is not very comfortable to laminate to paint, I decided to leave a specific place for it there where the stool is. That will be my painting area. With some old slats I made a false partition wall (and took the opportunity to make some very simple shelves to put the slats I had on the garage floor) and so I can paint without fear of staining the rest of the workshop. To paint easily I will make some simple platforms with casters to be able to turn the furniture while I paint them and to be able to paint the doors of the furniture some simple wooden hangers will help me to have them hanging to apply the paint with the spray gun and to put them to dry.

I will post a video about the platforms and hangers (did you see how I made the lamp with wooden hangers?), although as you will see they are very simple.

Of course, this false wall does not remain open like this. It is all covered with thick plastic. I have not taken a picture yet. By the time I finished putting up the plastic it was getting dark and I didn’t have enough light.

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