Carving two Halloween Jack'O lanterns

Halloween pumpkins 2011. Samhain 2011

Carving Halloween pumpkins

I’ve been a month and a half waiting for Samhain time to carve the pumpkins I grew in my vegetable garden. Carving and transforming the pumpkins into Jack’O Lanterns is really fun. But it is a bit annoying to ruin them like that, because cooked in the oven, in pumpkin cream or in marmalade they are very tasty. Well, luckily I have more pumpkins to cook. In the video I carve one of those Jack O´Lanterns.

There you have another three photos of these Jack o Lantern. It will be too long to wait for next year Samhain … but I am thinking about something to do with the pumpkins for Christmas.

How to carve pumpkin Halloween lanternsJack O´Lantern eating a little halloween pumpkinTwo Jack O´Lanterns with one candle inside

Finally I did nothing. Let’s see what Jack o Lantern can I do next Halloween.

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