How to make a carpenter bench vice

Make out of the box DIY workbench vise

Let's see how to make a vise that will be very cheap. This homemade vise is very easy to make and will be very useful for us in our carpentry workshop. As we will see, we only need some cheap clamping sergeants and some remains of wood and plywood that we can have around the workshop.

A few months ago I installed a vise on my bench and realized how useful it is in the workshop.

Vise problem

But recently I discovered that for some projects the screw that goes through the jaw in the center is a hindrance, so I thought of a way to make a homemade clamping screw with a couple of sergeants, one on each side, so that when leaving Free the space in the center of the clamp I can put my workpieces there vertically without any problem.

Stops to hold the clamping screw sergeants

To make this carpenter's vise I used a couple of my cheap sergeants, those who had improved by putting a pair of plywood sheets to prevent the jaws from marking the wood when tightening.

The idea to make this clamping screw is very simple, since it is only a matter of finding a way to hold two clamps under the crossbar of the table without them falling, so that they hold a wooden clamp without them Drop when the sergeants are loose. With some slats and some pieces of plywood I made some stops into which the fixed jaw of the sergeants fits to prevent them from moving forward. And with a few simple spikes I prevent the sergeants from falling to the ground.

The stops are screwed to the table side member

I screw the stops into position on the inside of the side member of the table and also leave the spikes on. I only have to turn these below the metal bar of the sergeants once I put the mobile jaw in the hollow of the stops. Now it is very easy to assemble and disassemble the sergeants that are used to tighten with this vice. It only remains for me to screw the plywood sheets of my cheap sergeants to the piece of batten that I will use as a clamping jaw, and thus I make sure that the clamp will not fall to the ground or move to the sides.

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