Homemade table saw lift

Homemade table saw lift

This is my third homemade table saw and I am quite sure it won´t be my last one. But because I will use this one for some time, I needed to install some kind of table saw lift. I’ve been thinking about a system with a rope (I even made some test) with witch I could tilt the saw, too. But finally I decided to use this table saw lift mechanism because to me it is easier to reuse the lift I had made when I used an old chop saw arm as a table saw.

One of the advantages with this table saw lift mechanism is that the crosspieces pushing against the saw will compensate the inclination in the disc caused by the weight of the motor. Even so my disc is not at a perfect 90 degrees angle with the table board, at least not with all the heights I give to the disc, but for now it is good enough for me. When I need something better I´ll have to make a decision: I´ll need to decide whether to improve my homemade table saw or to buy a good quality table saw.

Piece to attach the pushers to the saw handle

If you have one of this circular saws installed under your table board then you know it is no easy to regulate the height of the disc. This is because you need to have both hands under the table, one moving it up and down and the other in lever that blocks the height, while you try to see the height of the disc protruding the table. That won´t give us pinpoint accuracy, it will be more something like gambling accuracy.

Table saw lift crank and knob to lock the saw position

With this system, with the sled pushing against the crosspieces and this crosspieces pushing against the handle of the saw, it is easy to regulate the height of the disc. To move the disc up and down I need more turns of the crank than I would wish. Actually I don´t need to block the lever, but I think it is better to block the saw because the saw is more rigid when it becomes blocked. That is why I have that rod to act on the lever from this side of the table.

You can see how I made and installed it in the video. I must recognise that I didn’t get complicated when I did this, and probably that´s why I don´t get a perfectly vertical disc. It is very difficult to get both pieces of pipe one perfectly parallel to the other and to the motor shaft, too. And that during all the movement of the sled. This was more about testing and decide whether it is good enough for me or it is not.

You can also watch how to attach to a board a circular saw with built in riving knife.

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