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Mitre saw arm and table sawAfter some time using the table saw that I made with an old miter saw arm, I decided I should dismantle that miter saw arm and install a regular circular saw. The problem with that miter saw arm was that the disc wobbles, and it was impossible to me to fix it.

Circular saw under the table topSo, I bought a brand new circular saw (Ryobi, 1200W), to install in my table instead of the miter saw arm. The problem was that, it was not until I was home that I realised this circular saw does not have a riving knife. I am not sure if I can make and install some kind of riving knife, but anyway I will install this circular saw in the same way I installed my old Bosh pks46 when I made my first table saw. That one with riving knife.

How to make a table saw out of a circular sawThis is a homemade table saw that I use at my own risk. If you know nothing about table saws, you should investigate about how to avoid kick back.

Zero clearance insert and bolts headAs you can watch in the video, this was an easy installation, and the worst problem was to make sure the disc was parallel to my double sliding fence. Because I use some bolts with self locking nuts to attach the saw to the plywood board, I can screw the first bolt and the first locking nut, and then I use it to pivot the saw until the disc is parallel to the fence. I made the top of my table with several pieces of plywood, so it was easy to manipulate the saw, and to clamp it before I drill the holes in the plywood boards to insert another three bolts.

Maximum depth of cut and checking if the disc is verticalThe electric motor of this circular saw is bigger than the motor of my old Bosh. The electric motor case is attached to the disc guard, and it is joined to the base in two points to allow tilting and depth adjustment. The problem is that the tilting system and the depth adjustment system are made with some metallic sheets, and they are not very rigid, so when I installed the saw I realised that the weight of the electric motor causes enough deformation in the metallic sheets to slightly tilt the disc to one side,

How to tilt the circular saw disceven if I regulate the tilting system to be touching the base. I guest these circular saws are not made to install like that.

Table saw lift mechanismFinally, I could fix that when I installed the circular saw lift that I made to work with the miter saw arm. I just had to make some modifications.

Checking how to tilt the disc to 45 degreesThe problem with that lift is that I cannot tilt the circular saw blade. So the disc is always at 90 degrees with the table top. Well, finally I decided to make a sled that helps to make 45 degrees cuts. You can find it in my channel.

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