Preparing a video.

How my video camera flew

When I saw what happened to my video camera, my face was surely a poem.

And the thing is that:

The video camera was on top of the pc.
The printer on a chair,
connected to the computer
with a cable USB.

And, because I am sometimes clumsy and clueless
and I usually have my head elsewhere,
I stumbled
with the cable USB.

And cold sweat!

Something fell,
but I still don't know what.

I could save myself,
I kept my balance
and I looked around.

Something fell,
The pc tower collapsed.
It could be worst.
It seems that nothing broke.

The video camera ... I didn't even remember.

The printer is still on the chair,
the cable USB,
I disconnected it.

I relieve my grief
I grab the tower of my pc
I put it on the desk
And for that, I don't know what!
I look at the ground

Cold sweat

Something fell
The pc tower collapsed
And the video camera ...
The camera ... flew
and under the pc tower it finished

Cold sweat.
Eyes like dishes.
Holding breath.
Tension inside.

PS: The camera is now in good hands, until it returns to mine.
I make things and break things. I like to think that I make more than break.

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