How to use the homemade thickening brush

How to adjust my homemade thickness planer

Adjusting this home thicknesser for wood thicknessing is perhaps not as simple as a normal carpenter's thicknesser that you can buy at a hardware store or DIY center, but it is still easy to adjust it to achieve the exact dimensions desired on your slats and wooden boards.

It is still a carpenter's electric toothbrush, so I use the regulation system it has, but combining that regulation system with the position of the lateral guide.

Adjust the width to thicken with the brush

The electric toothbrush has two metal bases, one fixed after the cutting blades and another mobile in the front, so that the final thickness of the piece that we pass through the thicknesser will be equal to the distance between the fixed base and the lateral guide. . It is then about adjusting the separation between the fixed base of the electric brush and the lateral guide so that this separation is exactly the same as the final thickness we want for our wood. To adjust the separation we can use a metal ruler and measure, although if we already have a ribbon with the desired width, the simplest thing is to use that ribbon to adjust the separation.

Now the whole problem to be able to thicken wood is that our wood passes between the lateral guide and the mobile base in the front of the electric planer. If once we have adjusted the desired thickness width between the fixed metal base of the brush and the lateral guide, if the piece of wood enters between the mobile base and the lateral guide, then with a single pass through the brush we achieve the desired final thickness .

But if we find that the wood to be thickened does not enter, it is necessary to separate the lateral guide a little until it enters and make a first thickened one. Thus we repeat the same operation until the wood enters through the front of the brush when the separation between the fixed base and the lateral guide is equal to the desired final thickness.

As seen in the video, in this homemade thickening machine The regulation of the mobile base of the electric brush is only used to adjust the position of the slat at the entrance, and make sure that it enters the blades with the opposite side (the side that I do not want to brush) well glued to the lateral guide.

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