Easy to make flower pot tower

How to build a flower pot tower

I can remember I said last year (well, this is what I say in my blog in Spanish) I was going to make something with a treated lumber post, some pots and the wire I had bought. After I delayed this for more than a year, finally I decided to make this flower pot tower.

How to make a flower pot tower

I have been thinking about a easy way to attach the pots to the post and this is a very easy way to do it. The wires around the post are well hold, but it will be better to inspect them every year after Winter because, despite it is a treated lumber post, it will slowly rot. Furthermore, the way I attach the pot to the top of the post doesn’t allow me to remove that pot if I don´t empty it before. Clay pots can be fragile and perhaps that is not the best place to put one on. I´ll need to be very careful so I don´t break it, too.

Wire to make the plant pot holders

You can see in the video that, to make the plant pot holders to put the pots inside, we only need to make some rings with the wire. We bend the ends of the wire of the rings and we insert them into a couple of holes we drilled in the post. Now we drill a guide hole in between to insert a 3mm thick screw that will hold the wire in place. The screw will make some notches in the wire, so the wire will be well hold to the wooden post.

How to attach the plant pot holders to the treated postThe screw makes notches in the wire of the plant pot holder

Now, after we drive the flower pot tower in the garden ground, we just need to wait until the plants grow and more flowers come out. The main problem is to decide where to put this flower pot tower or how many of them we want to make.

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