The blade holder is tilted on one side of the drum

How to change and adjust the blades of the electric hand planer

When we want to change the blades of an electric carpenter's brush, we first have to look at what the blade holder system of our brush is like. In a previous post we saw how to change the strap and the blades of another electric brush with a different blade holder system than the brush that we will see in this entry, and in that case I was not able to adjust the position of the blades. However, this other model of electric brush has a different blade holder system and is quite easy to adjust.

How to remove the electric toothbrush blades

To loosen the blades you have to screw the nuts

The first thing I have to do is remove the blades from the blade holders, for which I have to loosen them.

With a wrench, turn the hexagonal screws in the direction of threading them. In this way the head of the screws stops pressing against the walls of the brush drum and the knife holder is loose. Although I still won't be able to remove it from the drum. But now I can remove the blade.

I tip one end of the knife holder upward while pushing the knife on the other end. And when I can, I pull the blade with my fingers to get it out all the way.

Loosen the Allen screws to remove the knife holder

Once I removed the two blades, I could insert the new ones and adjust them, but I will take the opportunity to clean the drum and the blade holders a little. So, I have to finish fully tightening the hex head bolts, and I also need to unscrew the two Allen screws I have, one on each end of the knife holders.

Pull out the blade holder from the side

So I can raise the blade holder at one end and remove it at an angle on that side of the drum. If we try to remove it directly upwards, it does not come out, since the opening of the drum is narrower in the upper area.

Allen screws to adjust the height of the blades

If you don't unscrew the Allen screws enough, they trip when you try to remove it from the side. Those screws will help me later regulate the position of the blades.

Clean the drum with a wire brush

Now I can clean the brush drum and knife holders with a soft wire brush and the vacuum cleaner. And I also take the opportunity to put a little three in one on the knife holders and their screws.

How to put the new blades into the brush

To insert the new blades, I just have to make sure that the small slot in the blades coincides with a small protrusion in the blade holders.

Adjust the position of the blades on the blade holder

I match them both at one end and slide the blade all the way into the blade holder.

Open the slot where to put the blade

If in any case the blade resists a little bit, I can carefully separate both pieces of the blade holder with my fingers. If I make too much force both parts can be separated, but it is easy to fit them back together.

The blade holder is tilted on one side of the drum

Once I have the blades inside the blade holders, I place these on the brush drum. And just as I did to remove them, I have to put them slightly inclined on one side of the drum with the fully threaded hex screws and the allen unscrewed, so that nothing trips.

To tighten the knife holder, unscrew the screws

First I put one in and squeeze it lightly. And then I put the other in and squeeze it lightly.

Center the blades on the drum of the electric brush

With the knife holder inside the drum, I make sure that both the knife holder and the blade are centered and I turn the hex nuts in the direction of unscrewing. Thus these are pressed against the walls of the drum fixing the knife holder in place. But I only tighten it slightly as I still have to adjust the position of the blades. Although before with my fingers I turn the drum a couple of turns, to make sure that nothing stumbles.

How to adjust the electric toothbrush blades

Check the gap between the blade edge and the fixed base

The normal thing is that at this point I find that the edge of the blades is very far from the level that marks the fixed base of the electric carpenter's brush.

But I can tighten the allen screws to raise the edge of the blades until they are perfectly level with the fixed base of the electric brush. Once they are in the position I want, I turn the hex screws in the direction of unscrewing them to tighten the blade holders firmly against the drum.

Clean and polish the base of the brush with fine sandpaper

I check that the blades are still in position, level with the fixed base of the brush, I take the opportunity to clean and polish both bases of the electric brush with a very fine sandpaper so that it slides better, ...

Try the woodworking electric brush

and test how it works with the new and well adjusted blades. Now it does not leave the marks left by the nicked blades, and being level I do not have the typical rebates at the beginning and at the end of brushing.

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  1. Amìlcar De Leòn T.

    Blunt blades can be resharpened with a diamond sharpener. I use DMT brand sharpener, medium grain.

    1. Enredando No Garaxe

      The truth is, I never sharpened the blades on these electric toothbrushes. They are very narrow, and even with some type of sharpening guide they have to be difficult to sharpen. And if they are nicked like those of my brush, then I do not think it is worth sharpening them 🙁 Greetings 🙂

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