How to cut aluminum with the fret saw.

Cutting aluminum with a fret saw

After all, the fret saw blades are made of a metal that is harder than aluminum, so why wouldn’t I be able to cut aluminum? That must have been the unconscious idea that ran through my head when I saw that I couldn’t get a good curved cut with the metal saw, and I started thinking about how to cut aluminum another way. You can also see how to cut aluminum profiles at home with just a metal saw and a cheap miter box.

I need to cut some curved aluminum parts for a DIY project, but if I use the hacksaw I would need to make several straight cuts and then touch up the curve with the grinder machine or with a metal file. And with the blade of my hacksaw already very worn the cut would be very difficult to make. But then I saw the fret saw that is usually used to cut pieces of thin plywood, and I figured I wouldn’t lose anything by giving it a try. And you can see that the result was quite good.

Fret saw and the aluminum I want to cut.

Right before this paragraph there is a picture of the fret saw I used: It is the one you can also see in the video. It’s a normal not good quality fret saw.

Fret saw blade.

And the fret saw blade is also the normal blade used with fret saws, although with slightly larger teeth than the ones I prefer to use, which are smaller and give a finer cut. The thing is that I made a mistake when I bought them and “luckily” now I also have these with bigger teeth. And I say luckily because I don’t know if the smaller-toothed fret saw blades would been able to cut through aluminum. Maybe they would cut the aluminum, but I’m sure it would take more time. I needed three and a half minutes to make that cut you can see the pictures. And you can also see in the pictures and in the video that these thin cutting blades withstood the task of cutting the aluminum with hardly any wear.

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