Cómo cortar tableros iguales

A woodworking trick to cut identical boards

Sometimes, to make some woodworking project, we need to cut identical boards. And even if we have a circular saw and a guide to make precise and straight cuts, cutting more than two or three perfectly identical boards can be complicated and tedious. This is because we need to set the jig position before each cut. But with this woodworking trick I can cut perfectly identical boards repeatedly, because I only have to set the fence position once.

Some time ago I made a circular saw cutting table (<- watch video here). And it will be very useful to perform this woodworking trick.

Put the first stop block in front of the marquetry board

I have some marquetry boards I bought in the DIY centre. And I had the boards pre-cut in the DIY centre. But now I have to cut some of them to the final dimensions.

Then, I have already drawn the cutting line in one piece of marquetry. I put it on the cutting table, and I screw a stop block against it.

Set the circular saw guide on the cutting line

Now I put the circular saw guide on the marquetry board, with the edge of the guide exactly on the cutting line I drew before in the marquetry board.

Screw one end of the circular saw guide

And I screw one end of the circular saw guide (<- watch here the video about how I made this guide).

Screw the other end of the guide

I make sure the edge of the guide is yet exactly on the cutting line, and I screw the other end.

Put another stop block in that end of the circular saw guide

And finally I put another stop block against that end of the circular saw guide. Like this, this jig is ready to cut perfectly identical marquetry boards.

How to change the marquetry board

Now, when I have to change the marquetry board I can release the screw that holds the circular saw guide next to the second stop block. I lift that part of the circular saw guide, I take the board away, I put there the next piece of board making sure it bumps against the first stop block, and I insert the screw once again.

Cut the boards using the circular saw guide

Like this it is very easy to cut a lot of boards to the same dimensions, because I don`t have to set the circular saw guide each time. I just put the boards in the right position in this jigs, and I cut.

Remember to watch the video to see how to modify the jig to cut a different size marquetry board.

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