Remove loose rust and paint

How to easily paint a rusty railing

Whenever we have a railing, or a structure, or some other metal part with rust, we are a little lazy to paint it, since we think that we have to sand and completely remove the rust and paint from every last corner of the railing or of the piece in question. But there are some anti-rust paints that allow us to do the perfect job easily, without the effort.

In this project I am going to use Oxirite from Xylazel to paint a railing with oxide. This is an enamel that can be applied without the need to apply any antioxidant primer first. In addition, to apply Oxirite I do not need to completely remove the rust or the paint layer that may still be on the railing. All I have to do is sand and scratch to remove loose paint layers and loose rust particles.

Antirust enamel to apply directly on the oxide
Remove drip paint properly

After wiping the dust off the railing a bit and I can start painting. This enamel has anti-drip properties, so it must be carefully removed from the bottom up so that it does not lose those properties. In this case I am going to apply the enamel directly with a brush without diluting. It is easy to apply, since it covers very well and does not drip. If we need to dilute it, to apply it by spray, we must use the Oxirite solvent, since with these products it is important to avoid incompatibility problems.

Apply this undiluted anti-rust enamel paint

After an hour I can apply the next coat, requiring two or three coats (depending on what we load the brush and stretch the paint) to have the dry 100 microns recommended by the manufacturer to achieve correct protection against rust. Still we can give another hand in the areas of the railing where we see that water can accumulate. And it is that with this anti-oxide enamel we can apply the two or three coats that we need on the same day, not like with conventional anti-oxide enamels, with which you have to wait the next day to give the next coat.

The product dries in an hour and we can give the next coat, but it is very important not to allow more than 8 hours to pass between one coat of paint and the next, since after 8 hours the curing process begins, which does not end until after two weeks. And if we apply more paint during the curing process, the protective layer does not form correctly.

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