How to level and hang a clothes hanger on the wall

How to hang level the entry wall rack

Occasionally we have to hang some object on the wall, such as a clothes hanger or a painting, and we all know that having to measure to make it level is a nuisance. Furthermore, we cannot trust that the hooks of the hanger or the frame are both at the same distance from the line that marks the level of the hanger.

So, in this post and in the corresponding video, we are going to see how to put a clothes hanger on the wall so that it is level. And best of all, we are going to do it without having to measure anything. And by the way we will see how to drill the wall without making dust.

When we think about how to hang a hanger u another object Of the wall we usually use the meter and make many measurements and some marks on the wall. Everything to try to make sure we hang the object level.

Nail pointed up

What I do is drive a headless nail into the hooks on which the hanger will hang. The nail I have to put it well glued to the top of the holes of the hitch, I put it a few millimeters and take it out. So I have a hole in the wood inside each hook.

Next I am going to cut in half a pair of nails of the same dimensions as the one I used. I discard the parts of the head and keep the parts with the tips of the nails. So I can nail these in the holes I made in the wood inside the hooks, but in such a way that I leave the tip of the nails sticking out a few millimeters.

Present and level the clothes hanger

Now it is a question of presenting the hanger in its position on the wall. I level it with the help of the bubble level ...

Press the hanger to mark the wall

and I have to press the hanger against the wall. Be careful not to lose the level.

Wall drill marks

Thus, the nails will leave the marks where I must drill this wall of plasterboard to put the nylon plugs. On a painted brick and concrete wall this trick works, too.

Nylon plug for plasterboard or plasterboard

As in this case the wall is made of plasterboard (plasterboard), I use special nylon plugs for plasterboard.

Drill bit for drilling nylon plug hole

I can drill the holes with a wood bit, and then I will have to screw the nylon dowels into the holes.

Vacuum to drill without dust

Here the trick to avoid making dust when drilling the wall is to put the mouth of the vacuum tube just below the bit. So the vacuum cleaner sucks up all the dust we make when drilling and we avoid spreading it around the room.

Put the nylon plugs in the wall and screw the spikes

Now I can fit the nylon anchors in the plaster wall and put the spikes on the nylon anchors. And hang the hook on the hooks. Lastly, and just to make sure I did everything right, I can use the spirit level to check that I managed to hang the clothes hanger level.

And so we have seen how to hang a clothes hanger, which as you see is a very simple DIY trick that can be very helpful and saves us time and work.

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