How to get rid of woodworm in wood

How to kill woodworm and treat and protect wood furniture

Surely you are all familiar with the effects of woodworm in wood furniture. In addition to causing all those little holes in the surface of the furniture, if the woodworm colony gets too big and acts for long enough, the result is that some parts of the wooden furniture fall apart in our hands just by pressing them a little. Fortunately, there are woodworm treatments that are more or less easy to apply to kill woodworm in furniture before that happens.

Woodworm holes in wood furniture

When we see those characteristic small woodworm holes in the surface of the wooden furniture, and following the vertical of the holes down we see small piles of a kind of very fine sawdust accumulated in the lower moldings we can already guess that we have a colony of woodworm eating the wood inside the furniture. That means we have a living colony of woodworm in the wood and that we must treat it as soon as possible with a specific woodworm killer product such as the one that Xylazel sells.

Apply woodworm killer treatment with a syringe.

In the case of a piece of furniture that has already been attacked by woodworm I usually use a syringe to inject the treatment in all the holes. Following the order and one by one I try to inject the woodworm killer in all the holes. When inserting the needle we unintentionally will puncture the wood from time to time, so it is easy for the narrow needle duct to become clogged. It is advisable to have several needles on hand to change them as needed to continue applying the woodworm killer treatment.

Apply Xylazel woodworm preventive and killer treatment by brush.

Once the product has been applied into all the woodworm holes, with the brush we apply a coat of the woodworm treatment product on the unvarnished surfaces of the wood. And in the case that we want to apply the product on all surfaces of the furniture, if it is varnished we can apply a varnish remover before starting the whole treatment. This is to make sure that when we apply the product with a brush it penetrates well into the wood on all surfaces of the furniture.

The product that I usually use, Xylazel woodworm killer and wood protector, is very easy to apply, once dry does not cause changes in the color of the wood and can be applied on top of any decorative finish you want. This woodworm killer is easy to apply with the syringe, but it must be taken into account that this can cause splashes, so we must use a mask to avoid splashes in the mouth, goggles to avoid splashes in the eyes and gloves to protect the hands.

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