Woodworking jigs one can make almost for free

10 homemade woodworking jigs explained step-by-step

In our home woodworking shop we may have many power tools or hand tools, of poorer or better quality, but if we want to get the most out of them we usually need to use woodworking jigs as well. With these woodworking jigs I can make straight cuts, precise cuts, I can route with more precision, I cut and route wood joints … or perform various woodworking processes that would be difficult to achieve without the jigs.

So, in the video in this post I compiled 10 of the woodworking jigs and guides that I showed how I make in this blog and in my woodworking channels in YouTube. Below I also leave the links to the posts on this woodworking blog where I show how I make each of these woodworking jigs. In each post you will find the corresponding video in which I explain step by step how I make the jig in question.

Making free or cheap woodworking jigs and guides may seem difficult, but with these I only spent what the materials cost, and in many cases I was able to take advantage of leftovers I already had in the workshop.

  1. Table saw sled for precise croscutting on my homemade table saw.
  2. Woodworking tenoning jig for routing tenons on the router table to make mortise and tenon joints. It can also be used for cutting on the table saw.
  3. Woodworking jig for cutting wood circles with the jigsaw table.
  4. Joinery jig for making box joints with the router table.
  5. Cross-cutting jig for cutting wood strips with the circular saw. To make perfect 90-degrees cuts.
  6. Simple but precise cross-cut jig for cutting boards at 90 degrees with the circular saw.
  7. Guide for cutting boards with the circular saw. (Coming soon. While you can watch the video here)
  8. Woodworking jig for routing tongue and groove joints with the plunge router.
  9. Plunge router jig for routing mortises to make mortise and tenon joints.
  10. Plunge router jig for routing tenons in the head of the wood strips. To make mortise and tenon joints along with the previous woodworking jig, so you can find both in the same post in this woodworking blog.
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