Make a table centerpiece with pine cones

How to make a Christmas table centerpiece 2011

Christmas is coming, without any prior warning (ha!). Because this is a DIY blog (at least partly), it is time to make an adornment matching this time (¿in August?, well, I made this last December for the Spanish version of this woodworking and DIY blog).

Christmas table centerpiece

To make this Christmas table centrepiece I’ve used pine cones, oak balls (I don’t know the name of this balls), a couple of wooden plates (this wooden plates are used here in Galicia to serve octopus in a typical Galician dish we call “pulpo á feira”), a piece of turned wood I took from an old lamp and some gold, silver, Galician green and carriage red paint.

The white paint is sealant paint. We sand the piece of wood, we paint it with the sealant, we sand it smooth again and finally we apply the final paint. If we don’t apply the sealant the the finish won’t be smooth.

To hold the oak balls while I paint them I use small pliers I covered with vinyl gloves and painter’s tape. That way I don’t stain it.

Pumpkin with ribbon

I had some more ideas to do with the pumpkins, but I’ll try next time.

The green leaves you see in the table centerpiece come from a holly tree we have in our garden. The candle inside the glass is on some coloured sand.

Painted pine cones

In the picture you can see the pine cones after more than a month inside our house. Gradually they open, but a pair of them resist against the change. I heard that they open easily if you put them inside the oven at a low temperature (better before you paint them or probably the paint smell will stay inside the oven). But if put near the radiator they will open in a short period of time, too.

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