DIY circular saw crosscut jig

How to make a circular saw cross cut jig

In this first project I will make a cross cut jig to cut strips and boards with the circular saw. It is a jig that will help me to make perfect 90º cuts without problems (I can cut at a different angle too) and to cut pieces to the same length fast and easy. In the pictures you can see the crosscut jig and a cutting diagram and plans.

Circular saw crosscut jig cutting diagram and plans

Measurements depend on the circular saw you have. So if you want to make one you must measure carefully, because as you can see in the video the supports must have the right height so that the blade makes a shallow groove in the base, but without cutting it in two.

The cross section of the strip screwed to the base is not important, just make sure it is not too high to put it between the base and the runner. And that it should be wide enough to screw it without problems.

Check the 90 degrees angle between the disc and the metallic base

When we use the jig to cut one strip, if the vertical cut is at an angle, maybe the circular saw disc is not at 90 degrees with the metallic base. We must remember to check that the disc and the circular saw metallic base are at a perfect 90 degrees angle. We must use the levers 2 and 3 (image) to set that angle.

How to set circular saw depth of cut and inclination

Besides, in the image we can also see the lever (1) we must use to set the depth of cut. It can be useful if we want to cut a rabbet.

09/08/2016: Now I use another circular saw. But despite the base of my new saw is some narrower, and the disc cuts deeper, I just had to set the depth of cut, and I also cut the runner, to use this crosscut jig with my new saw.

Just remember that in some cases crosscut jigs and circular saw can cause kickback.

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